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Cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging, corrugated cardboard

BIOPACK Romania is one of the most important manufacturers of corrugated boxes. In the BIOPACK packaging range you will find:

  • self-formig boxes of different sizes,
  • large customizable cardboard boxes
  • cardboard for large products with resistant structure(CO5, CO7)
  • cardboard roll (CO2), boxes with lids, trays, corners, etc.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most used corrugated packaging. Depending on the purpose of use, they are divided into: storage boxes, transport / handling boxes and display boxes.

The model of the box is chosen taking into account the size of the products to be packaged. The length, width and height of the products determine the size of the box, and their weight determines the structure of the corrugated cardboard used (CO3, CO5).

Thus, one can opt for large boxes with extra-resistant structure (CO5) or for smaller boxes with simple structure (CO3).

For support in choosing the right boxes you can contact us at, or at the phone number +40 021.021.9234.

Cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging, corrugated cardboard

Corrugated packaging

Cardboard packaging is the finished product obtained by processing corrugated cardboard.

By cutting, stamping and printing cardboard boards, a very large number of packages of different types and sizes can be made.

The most used corrugated packaging are: boxes, dividers, crates, trays and corners.

Find out more about the types of packaging here.

Corrugated board

Corrugated board is obtained by overlapping a flat layer of paper with a layer of corrugated paper. Depending on the number of overlapping layers, the following can be obtained:

  • CO2 - two-layer corrugated board - one layer of plain paper and one layer of corrugated paper
  • CO3 - three-layer corrugated board - two layers of plain paper and one layer of corrugated paper
  • CO5 - five-layer corrugated board- three layers of plain paper and two layers of corrugated paper
  • CO7 - seven-layer corrugated cardboard - four layers of smooth paper and three layers of corrugated paper.

Read more about the structure of corrugated board and its strength on the Information page.

High-performance technology and product quality make BIOPACK one of the best-known manufacturers of corrugated boxes, hardboard boards, cardboard packaging, corrugated separators, cardboard tubes, duplex cardboard separators, cardboard tubes, duplex cardboard boxes, vegetable cardboard boxes, fruit boxes, industrial boxes, classic boxes, stamped boxes, self-forming boxes.

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