CO2, CO3, CO5, CO7
Classical Pliable Boxes
Telescopic Boxes
Folder Type Boxes
Slide Boxes
Hard Boxes
Pre-Glued Boxes
Interior Accessories


We offer you the possibility of searching packaging standards in the BIOPACK catalogue. You may choose solutions in each of the categories below, or directly by introducing in the search field the name of the desired product.

: 1 :  CO2, CO3, CO5, CO7
Rolled Corrugated Cardboard and Corrugate Cardboard Sheets, in 3 layers (two smooth layers and one corrugated layer), 5 layers (3 smooth layers and 2 corrugated layers) and 7 layers (4 smooth layers and 3 corrugated layers)


: 2 :  Classical Pliable Boxes
Classical or American pliable boxes consist of one piece with a glued articulation, stapled or glued with tape, whose both ends act as flaps. These boxes are transported in a plied state, they are ready to use and require the flaps to be closed.


: 3 :  Telescopic Boxes
Telescopic Boxes consist of one or more pieces and come with a lid which is placed on the body of the box.


: 4 :  Folder Type Boxes
Folder Type Boxes usually consist of a single piece of cardboard. The bottom of the box is bent in order to form the walls and the lid of the box. The boxes may be created without gluing or stapling. Closing mechanisms and handles may be incorporated into the design.


: 5 :  Slide Boxes
Slide boxes are made out of sliding ensembles ( sheathes ) which may combine with one another in different directions. This type also includes sliding sheaths.


: 6 :  Hard Boxes
Hard boxes are usually made out of two separate pieces and one body which needs stapling or a similar operation before use.


: 7 :  Pre-Glued Boxes
Pre-glued boxes consist of one piece and are transported plied and ready to be used by simply placing them.


: 8 :  Interior Accessories
Interior accessories such as padding, dividers, etc. are either part of the box's design or are considered separate pieces.