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Cardboard Consumption Diminishes by 29%

2014-08-16 11:07:15

In the first semester of this year, Cluj based company Rondocarton, member of Austrian group Rondo Ganahl, reached a turnover of 14 mil. Euros, a stagnation compared to last year.

Even though the company's sales in the first semester last year stagnated, the company's board counts on a 35 mil. Euros turnover in 2009, a raise of 14% since last year. 

In 2008 Rondocarton's deals brought in 30.8 mil. Euros, after last year's turnover of more than 32.7 mil. Euros. "We raised the  export by 30% from the total production and we found other market niches, therefore we  will be counting on a positive evolution of Rondocarton sales this year."The 35 mil. Euros turnover, estimated for this year is calculated for the two factories in Cluj and Tragoviste. Regarding the Cluj factory, we aim to reach total sales of 25 mil. Euros by the end of the year" declared the Rondocarton general director Teofil Campean, for ZF Transilvania.

Last year Rondocarton opened the corrugated cardboard factory in Targoviste, using a 38 mil. Euros investment. The actual production was set to begin in January this year. Last year Rondocarton's 30,8 mil. Euros turnover was reached exclusively as a result of the Cluj factory activities. 

Salvation found on external markets

"Cardboard consumption on local market dropped by 29%  in this year's first semester,  compared to  last year's same period. Cardboard market is affected by the financial crisis but our company has no loans so we work on assigned budgets. We were forced to select our clients and ended contracts with companies that had financial problems" says Teofil Campean. 

At the beginning of 2009, Rondocarton reps announced that the Cluj factory will operate at a lesser capacity, until new clients are brought into the fold. 

"Staring May we have also developed exports and entered new markets such as Bulgaria. As far as Romanian cardboard market is concerned, I don't believe there will be any noticeable improvement in the third trimester but most likely starting next year, there may be some good news."  says Rondocarton's  general director.

New employees this year

Company reps estimate that this year, the new production centre in Targoviste, finalized last year with a 38 mil. Euros investment, will generate a turnover of approximately 10 mil. Euros. Officials of the Cluj company estimate a drop in market volume by 28%-30% this year, compared to 2008. Its main competitors are Romcarton Bucuresti, Dunapack, Ecopack Ghimbav and Vrancart Adjud.

"In the first semester we hired 30 people so that as we speak, Rondocarton counts 282 employees, out of which 82 work in the Targoviste factory. Up until this moment, we are in alignment with our objectives." said Teofil Campean.


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