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波纹纸板包装物,二型 (CO2)

This packaging is composed of two layers of paper: the first layer is a test liner or kraft paperboard, also known as lid and can be bleached or unbleached. The second layer is a fluted medium also known as corrugated sheet. Depending on the size, the flute ( weave ) can be type B, C or E. The two layers are merged by gluing together the tips of the flutes with the lid. Corrugated cardboard type II is rolled in bundles with a width of 800 mm up to 2100 mm, weighing between 30 kg/bundle and 250 kg/bundle - depending on the type of paper and weave.

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波纹纸板包装物,三型 (CO3)

The packaging consists of 3 layers of paper: exterior lid, interior lid and a corrugated medium between the two lids. The exterior lid influences the general appearance of the corrugated cardboard packaging the most and as consequence, it is made out of superior paper such as test liner or kraft paperboard, which can be bleached or unbleached ( natural colour ). The interior lid can be made out of test liner, kraft liner or schrenz paper, with a wide weight variety. The corrugated layer ( paper core ) is made out of flute paper, which is a type of paper extremely resistant to pliancy, and may have various sizes ( B, C, E ).


波纹纸板包装物,五型 (CO5)

Packaging made out of 5 layers of paper: two lid-layers, two corrugated layers and an intermediary layer - which gives the packaging an extraordinary mechanic resistance. Depending on the combination of corrugated layers, this type of corrugated cardboard may be type B+C, C+E. It is generally used for wrapping very heavy, fragile or massive objects.


波纹纸板包装物,七型 (CO7)

Packaging made out of 7 layers of paper: two lid-layers, three corrugated layers and two intermediary layers - which give the packaging an extraordinary mechanic resistance. Depending on the combination of corrugated layers, this type of corrugated cardboard may be type E+B+C, C+C+E. It is generally used for wrapping extremely rigid and heavy objects, very fragile or massive.



Two-ply Cardboard Packaging: we can supply with bundled double coated two-ply cardboard, weighing between 225 gr/sq m and 450 gr/sq m, with a white or gray back layer. We can also supply with sheets of 70x100 cm or, per request, in atypical sizes. The cardboard may be printed with up to four colours in polychromy and may be plasticized or varnished. It is used for notebook and textbook bindings, and as support for all types of corrugated cardboard boxes.


Cardboard packaging for binding is the ideal solution for manufacturing binding products: workbooks, office folders, notebook covers. It can successfully replace materials such as melamine fiberboard or plastic materials that are used in furniture industry. Bender's board, in a variety of widths - from1 up to 4 mm - allows for foliating with an offset paper thinner than 60 gr/sq m, due to its quality smoothness.


We supply with offset paper of 60 gr/ sq m up to 200 gr/sq m. Offset paper can be delivered in rolls and sheets of 70x100 cm or 61x86 cm. Offset paper meets all typographies and their clients' requirements: from whiteness degree of over 96% to best quality glazing, the offset paper that we provide with may be used for book, flyer and magazine printing, support for sheet lining boxes, etc.

古典纸板包装物 (FEFCO 0201)

Classical cardboard packaging is made out of corrugated cardboard sheets of various types, unprinted or printed with up to 4 colours ( using a flexographic process), with bleached or unbleached exterior lid. It is used for wrapping various types of products: food, beverages, different kinds of electronic and telecommunication devices, construction materials, etc. Classical cardboard packaging manufactured by BIOPACK are highly qualitative, accurately represent our clients' products and preserve the national and international hygiene standards. Therefore, they are the ideal type of packaging for various types of products. The ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates obtained by our company guarantee the exquisite quality of our corrugated cardboard as well.

Ambalaje din carton clasice    Classical cardboard packaging   Classical cardboard packaging


Punched cardboard packaging is obtained by punching sheets of corrugated cardboard of various sizes, complex packaging, with bleached or unbleached lid, printed with up to 4 colours using a flexographic process. The resulted materials can be used to wrap a wide range of products, from small and large home appliances to beverages and cigarettes and various kinds of food products: fruit and vegetables, pizza, sweets, pastries, coffee, biscuits, etc.



Sheet Lined cardboard packaging is made out of sheet lined corrugated cardboard with two-ply cardboard of various weights from 225 g/ sq m up to 350 g/sq m, with gray back layer or various paper holders and typographic cardboards, printed in polychromy with up to 4+2 special colours. It is used in various branches of the food industry, for packaging home appliances and so on.


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