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Paper and Cardboard Market, 1,2 billion Euros

2014-08-16 11:13:16

Romanian paper and cardboard market reached almost 1,2 billion Euros in 2008, according to Research and Markets. In its report " Paper and Cardboard in Romania", the firm estimates that this market presents realistic perspectives of a raise of over 30% by 2012, up to 1,56 billion Euros. All this, considering that the raw material has become waste paper, instead of cellulose, as a consequence of all cellulose and semi cellulose producers going bankrupt. Characteristics of local paper and corrugated cardboard market are given mostly by the low consumption and by the fact that import is higher than export and waste paper is scarcely collected -  education in this sense having just begun. Recycling is new to us, therefore statistics in this area are almost non-existent. " One of the most dynamic sectors is corrugated cardboard packaging. At the same time tissue, toilet paper and paper towels market is very appealing, as consequence of the consumption rate in Romania, twice as low as the average of the 27 EU states. Consumption rate of paper and cardboard packaging is also five times lower than the European average" shows the study.

Comceh Calarasi, Celhart Donaris, Dunapack Rambox, Letea, Monte Bianco, Pehart Tec, Rondocarton, Vrancart, Sca Hygiene Products, Sca Packaging and Tetra Pak are among the companies active on the Romanian paper and cardboard market. Exports are very low in comparison to imports. Paper exports will drop by 40% mostly because of some wood cellulose and writing paper production units closing down. Therefore, paper exports might diminish from 88 mil. Euros in 2007 to 55,8 mil. Euros this year. Between 1989 until present, almost all cellulose factories have been gradually shut down. These factories pollute the air, water and soil. Technological upgrading for these factories to reduce pollution needs investments between 30 and 60 mil. Euros by 2014.


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